Germany Eases Travelling Restrictions and Airline Stocks Surge

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Angela Markel has recently visited the U.K for the last time as Germany’s Chancellor, and she is preparing for some more official visits outside Germany. It seems that the meeting between Merkel and the U.K counterpart, Boris Johnson was a success.

Germany decided to ease the strict travelling restrictions for those visiting Germany from the U.K and Portugal. In addition, Nepal, India, Russia, The U.K and Portugal will no longer be on the list of countries from which SARS variants emerge. The five countries will still be countries with a high incidence of COVIS-19 confirmed cases.

Vaccinated people will travel to Germany without quarantine

Vaccinated people or those with COVID-19 antibodies do not have to quarantine upon arrival in Germany. If unvaccinated people, travelling from the five countries, test negative, they can finish their quarantine after five days.

The European Stock market surges

Because the travelling restrictions have eased in many European countries, Airline stocks surge and as published in Market Watch, major European airlines have seen a light stock increase: Air France-KLM, British Airways, IAG, Lufthansa, Ryanair, easy Jet and Wizz Air.

Some companies’ stocks have emerged more than others have, but most consider this year to be a transition period towards ‘normality’.

What are some other implications?

With the airline stock market on the rise again, oil prices have also gone up today. This shows just how much everything is interconnected and what a huge impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on everyone.

The airline stock market has been heavily affected by the pandemic, and countries such as Germany, Japan, South Korea, Chile etc., have been very strict with travellers. Time will tell if there will be a fourth wave or if the most dangerous COVID-19 variant, yet to be found, Delta, will change the stock market again.

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