FIFA 22: Check Out the Official Volta Football Trailer


FIFA 22 will start delighting the world in just about two weeks, and anybody who buys the game can play it on either of the following platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/ S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or Windows PC.

The world of football always has more things to present to the game developers, and those who work on FIFA 22 will do their best to match many aspects of real-life with their game. Any football fan is well-aware by now about the latest moves from the transfer market, and boy, oh boy, they’re so mind-blowing! Messi left Barcelona for Paris Saint Germain, Cristiano Ronaldo came back to Manchester United after 12 years, Griezmann went to Atletico Madrid, David Alaba joined Real Madrid, and so on.

But the world of the famous FIFA series doesn’t only mean what happens on the green field. The “downtown” football style is also exploited in the game, or however you wish to call it. EA SPORTS simply calls it “Volta Football”, a game mode that received plenty of praise from the fans. Check out the new trailer for the mode in FIFA 22, as presented by IGN:

The video’s description is relevant enough:

Volta Football returns with more flair all over the pitch and new ways to express your style and connect with your squad in street football playgrounds all over the world.

FIFA 22 will also introduce HyperMotion Technology for the players to enjoy. This refers to something that will unlock a few exciting features: Composed Ball Control, Tactical AI, Player Humanization, Full Team Authentic Motion, Machine Learning Flow, and Kinetic Air Battles.

However, if you’re among those who want to enjoy FIFA 22 on PC, you must keep in mind that the minimum system requirements are pretty demanding, as the game’s Steam page reveals.

Sawyer Alim
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