ChatGPT Will Remain the Only Consumer Product of OpenAI

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There seem to be only two types of people out there: those who love Open AI’s new ChatGPT chatbot and those who hate it. There seems to be no in-between. Even since the AI chatbot was released to the world back in November 2022, it has caused an enormous amount of reactions, both positive and negative. While some are happy that ChatGPT will do all their homework and work tasks, others are concerned that the AI chatbot built by OpenAI will take over more and more jobs.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, comes to tell us a bit about the future of its company regarding AI products. Those waiting for more AI products destined for consumer usage and built by OpenAI will have to reconsider their wish.

Sam Altman suggests that ChatGPT is “the end”

According to Insider, Sam Altman recently met with developers in London, and details of the meeting have been leaked in a blog post by one of the attendees. Altman clarified that OpenAI has no plans to release additional consumer-facing products, such as ChatGPT, that would compete with developers.

The purpose of Altman’s world tour is to address concerns about artificial intelligence and get feedback from users and developers. The leaked blog post, since taken down, revealed OpenAI’s roadmap and challenges.

Raza Habib, an attendee and a co-founder and CEO of Humanloop, explained, as Insider quotes:

Quite a few developers said they were nervous about building with the OpenAI APIs when OpenAI might end up releasing products that are competitive to them,

Sam said that OpenAI would not release more products beyond ChatGPT. He said there was a history of great platform companies having a killer app and that ChatGPT would allow them to make the APIs better by being customers of their own product.

The company’s previous release of language models had raised concerns among developers about potential competition. OpenAI now seeks to assure its customers that it will not encroach on their territory.

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