Apple Stock Faces Unexpected Fall

Photo by Stephen L on Unsplash

Apple stock faces a 2% decrease in pre-market trading, which isn’t actually an event that many were expecting. The information is revealed by Yahoo Finance. Even though Apple managed to make more money than the initial expectations, the company revealed that next time, it might not make as much money.

Apple earned $1.46 per share and $89.5 billion for the last quarter, exceeding the expectations of Wall Street. Guess how Apple managed to make money? By selling iPhones, of course, as well as from other services. On the other hand, the Cupertino-based tech giant didn’t manage to sell as many Macs and iPads as they wanted.

The prediciton on iPads and Macs is still gloomy

Luca Maestri, the chief financial officer at Apple, believes that the company will make about the same amount of money next time, although he’s not very optimistic when it comes to selling iPads and MacBooks.

However, why on Earth would a company so successful as Apple not manage to sell as many MacBooks as it needs or wishes? Maestri brings the explanation, saying that it’s difficult to do better in sales than in 2022. At first glance, that was the time when Apple released the iPhone 14 lineup, which has been received very well by the public due to the Dynamic Island features, improved cameras, and more.

MacBooks are generally considered better than traditional laptops that run on Windows. That’s because Macs use both the hardware and the software part created by the same manufacturer, Apple. This means that the two sides will mix with one another in a very efficient way.



Sawyer Alim
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