Apple Receives 36% Of the Money Google Makes From Searches on Safari, According to a Witness From Alphabet

Photo by Stephen L on Unsplash

It seems that Apple has a lot to gain from Google searches initiated on Safari, meaning the Cupertino-based giant’s own browser if the information provided by an Alphabet witness is true. He claims that Google pays Apple more than a third of revenue resulting from search advertising (36%, to be more precise), as reveals.

It seems that the transactions are part of the terms that the two tech giants’ search default agreement has. The disclosure comes from Kevin Murphy, an expert witness of Alphabet and also an economics professor at the University of Chicago.

Google and Apple remain silent

Kevin Murphy made the big claim during the legal proceedings against the Justice of Department’s claims of the illegal dominance of Google. The search agreement is a key focus, with estimates suggesting Apple could gain $19 billion this year.

No spokesperson from either Google or Apple has commented on Kevin Murphy’s disclosure. As expected, the deal has already faced criticism from competitors such as Microsoft through the voice of CEO Satya Nadella.

Apart from the disclosure of Kevin Murphy, a lot of voices from the online realm claim that Google’s search engine might be approaching its demise. That’s because the rise of AI chatbots such as ChatGPT is more and more prevalent. It’s obvious that an average netizen will see it much more comfortable to simply ask an AI chatbot for what he needs to find out than go for a Google search. Comfort is the biggest enemy of all, some would say, but that doesn’t seem to upset anyone.

Sawyer Alim
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