Anyone Can Be a Programmer These Days Thanks to AI, According to NVIDIA CEO

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Being a programmer is far from being all sugar, spice, and everything nice. It’s a tough job, as each and every day, you have to face errors. And as a beginner, you’ll be short on time most of the time. Even the best programmers out there, whether they’re into web development or software, write bad code.

But nowadays, we have Artificial Intelligence (AI). And there’s no secret that AI chatbots such as the notorious ChatGPT from OpenAI are able to write long lines and rows of code in seconds. In other words, writing the code for an entire app can be done in seconds with AI chatbots. Therefore, a logical assumption is that in the near future, AI chatbots will completely take over the jobs of programmers.

Jensen Huang, the NVIDIA CEO, speaks out

Embrace the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and unlock your potential as a programmer, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang seems to suggest. The revolution in computing brought by AI has made coding accessible to everyone, he says. With the proliferation of advanced AI tools, Huang emphasizes that anyone can write code by issuing simple commands to an AI system. Therefore, the situation eliminates the barriers of the “digital divide.”

During the Computex conference from Taipei, the NVIDIA CEO stated, as Insider quotes:

The programming barrier is incredibly low,

Everyone is a programmer now — you just have to say something to the computer.

During the event, Huang unveiled new AI-based products and partnerships, including a collaboration with advertising giant WPP to develop computer-generated ads. The impact of AI on computing has been revolutionary, transforming various industries and opening up new possibilities.

While the advent of generative-AI programs such as ChatGPT has raised concerns about job displacement, particularly in computer programming, AI tools have the potential to enhance productivity and automate certain tasks. Embracing AI as a programming tool empowers individuals to adapt and thrive in this era of technological advancement.


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