$450,000 for a Space Flight with Virgin Galactic

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Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic, has worked for many years to be one of the first businessmen to initiate space tourism. As advertised on the company’s website, there will be a limited number of space flights available for the general public. However, the ticket price starts at $450,000 per seat, and not many will afford the exorbitant amount.

Virgin Galactic is ready for a new spaceflight test

In September, a new spaceflight test will depart from Spaceport America, New Mexico. This time, Richard Branson will not fly as well. Members of the Italian Air Force team will participate. The starting price of $450,000 has not discouraged wealthy people, as the company declared that there had been an increased interest in space flights. The company’s stocks gained 35% in 2021 (SPCE, +2.44%), and it seems that a new industry has emerged. The Covid-19 pandemic has delayed the company’s projects because there are many health protocols for all crewmembers and staff.

The first flight are already booked

The media reports revealed that the first space flight is already entirely booked, and there is a waiting list, as many show interest in spaceflights. Virgin Galactic offers options for couples and families with multi-seat packages. Those who are interested in flying into space can enter the company’s website and register their request.

Virgin Galactic’s first flight took off this summer

Richard Branson, three Virgin Galactic employees and two pilots, were the first to fly with the Virgin Galactic space plane in July 2021. The mission ‘Unity 22’ was a real success, and it was the twenty-second flight test of the spaceplane. The flight took around 90 minutes, and Branson became the first billionaire to fly to space. Jeff Bezos also flew with his ‘Blue Origin’ New Shepard vehicle into space.



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