Top Challenges To Make Playing The Sims 4 More Enjoyable


While we are waiting for EA / Maxis to announce the next Sims game, we can do our best and feel good with Sims 4.

However, the game is quite old at this point, and, despite the developer’s constant effort of refreshing the game with constant updates, the experience can get pretty dull at times.

However, there are some ways around that. Challenges have been a part of the Sims community since the game’s early beginnings.

Challenges are excellent means of stepping up the gameplay quality and experimenting with features of the games that you wouldn’t usually see otherwise.

Let’s see our top picks!

Big Brother Challenge

This challenge originates from the reality TV show Big Brother.

The target is to place several sims in a single home, and once per week, say goodbye to the Sim that has the least friendships with their mates.

Randomizing the sims competing and giving them picky personalities makes the challenge more interesting. Additionally, you can repeat the challenge, and each time you will experience different results.

Homeless Challenge

The homeless challenge is as simple as it sounds- You create a sim, take away all their money and have them depend on public facilities.

The challenge is that the Sim has minimal funds and that you have to be very creative when resorting to public facilities.

Homeless sims can’t get jobs but can earn money via hobbies, fishing, gardening and gathering.

The challenge stops when a sim has enough money to build a house.

Masterchef Challenge

This challenge also relies on a reality TV show. You get to create five sims as contestants and three judges.

The judges must have at least level five Cooking skills.

The contestants start with zero cooking skills and are allowed to cook only on competition days.

On other days, contestants can grow their herbs to use in their dishes and improve their skills during research. Eliminations happen once per week.

Black Widow Challenge

This challenge is about romance and money. Players get to make a young adult female sim and place her in a house. She can’t get a job, and all her money must originate from suitors.

The goal of the challenge is to marry a male sim, ideally a rich one.

You get to host a dinner party, find the Sim’s next paramour, get caught cheating and then murder him.

You repeat the cycle until the Sim has ten paramours and is exceptionally wealthy.

Additionally, your Sim has to be materialistic, snob, and romantic.

The Dumpster Challenge

This challenge is straightforward but very interesting.

You purchase a dumpster, set your household funds to zero, and the Sim gets to survive on everything the dumpster (or the community) provides, including food and furniture.

You can’t use showers t the gym or any community lots for anything else.

EVERYTHING you use must come from the dumpster.

It is a lot like the homeless challenge but more restrictive.

Runaway Teen Challenge

This challenge does precisely what it suggests – Your Sim takes the role of a runaway teen. You can’t interact with adults, only children and other teenagers.

You have to skip school and can’t get a job. You can only earn money by fishing, gardening, and digging.

Once you are an adult, you can get a job.

Off-Grid Challenge

This challenge has sims living entirely off the grid. You cut all your electricity and water supplies. There will be fewer bills to pay but more challenges to survive.

Expansion packs like Laundry Day, Jungle Adventure, Eco Lifestyle, and Island Living help you go through with the challenge more easily.

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