The force of diversity

Again this week, the United States finds itself riven by racial inequities, this time as a result of the suffering experienced by Jacob Blake and his family. This week’s issue of InvestmentNews focuses on diversity and inclusion, and that timeliness is unfortunate, but it does provide an opportunity to highlight the fact that consistent support is key to progress on diversity and inclusion. 

Corporate America has taken the lead on social progress in recent years, and the firms and individuals featured in this issue have a common theme: They view diversity and inclusion as a core strategy; they have done so for years, not months; and they have seen the benefit and power of an inclusive workplace. 

Several firms I spoke to in preparing this issue noted that in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, they were able to leverage existing programs so that they could have important conversations among their staffs. One anecdote that struck me was the story of a 15-year employee who shared the history of their name, for the first time, in a session set up to enable the company to hear stories of inequity. 

Our Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Margaret Starner, emphasizes in her chat with Nicole Casperson that discipline and sticking to her plan were key to her success. 

It’s time we all apply that level of discipline to this urgent effort, so that we can break this disheartening cycle.

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