Much ado about RIAs in May

The registered investment adviser world will be at the center of a great deal of effort at IN over the coming weeks.  

First, on May 4, we are hosting “RIA Tech for Breakaways,” a webcast that will dive into best practices for building out your tech stack when you break away. While technology drives a number of breakaway decisions, it’s also daunting, and this panel will explore the decision-making process.  

That webcast will be moderated by Sovereign Financial Group’s Chuck Failla, who is one of the chairs of the RIA Summit, a virtual event we are hosting on May 18 and 19. Over the two days, we will deliver two tracks in 17 sessions that will feature 45 speakers.  

One track will serve established IRAs and the second will target those making the decision to go RIA. Chaired by Chuck Failla and IN’s Jeff Benjamin, this agenda has struck a tremendous chord with our audience, both clients and readers.  

Among the highlights: the opening keynote featuring Fiduciary Insights’ Blaine Aikin; the Day 1 panel diving into the investment and insurance options available to RIAs; and the closing panel on marketing and communication plans.  

Plus, we have Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young on the agenda! 

I’m very proud of this agenda and the effort of the team. Please register at, using offer code RIAVIP.  

We can’t wait to see you there. 

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