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Conversation is a lost art, and that gap in our collective skill set has created pain points across every aspect of our lives. 

In our personal lives, the temptation to sweep uncomfortable topics under the rug rather than engage might make for a less volatile dinner, but if I’ve learned nothing else from having the kids around ALL THE TIME, it’s that having hard conversations is better than not.  

And professionally, it’s no different. The financial advice industry built itself on conversation and listening. Every successful adviser talks about not just storming into a meeting and pushing your product, but rather taking the time to hear what the client’s situation is and understanding their story. That only comes from conversation.  

But as the industry tackles diversity, conversation becomes a challenge. Conversation, though, can help. I witnessed it earlier this week. During an excellent meeting of IN editorial advisers, two new members mentioned the opportunity and need for IN to continue to provide a voice for the value of diversity in the profession. Their insights and ideas were invaluable.  

Then a self-described “seasoned” professional asked the question: “How can I help?” It started an incredible conversation. They both cited the value of asking the question and helping one another. Plus, they spoke of the need to avoid persecution or exclusion of any group.  

Inclusion requires including everyone who wants to do good and letting them ask the questions that matter. 

This all came from conversation. So let’s keep talking.

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