Gold Digger: Which three ASX gold stocks have made the most gains over the past year?

Strange to think that it is a year since the world was turned upside down when the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic in mid-March 2020.

In the week that followed the price of gold tumbled nearly $US200 to $US1,477 per ounce ($2,443/ounce), but it quickly recovered and hit an all-time high of $US2,070 per ounce in August.

Since that time, gold has been on a downward trend and went as low as $US1,700 per ounce in early March, although it has recovered to $US1,725 per ounce this week.

For a while last year, gold seemed the natural place for investors to park their cash while the COVID crisis swirled around them, until that is cryptocurrency Bitcoin started to take off.


Competition for gold is heating up on two fronts

Since the turn of the year, gold has faced competition on another front, rising yields or interest rates on long-dated US Treasury bonds.

Higher bond yields make gold appear less attractive as the yellow metal generates zero income (unless leased out, that is), and higher yields in turn push up the US dollar making the currency stronger against gold.

Bitcoin’s price performance recently has attracted heavy hitters in the form of hedge funds, banks and corporations who may otherwise have put some cash into gold.

All these factors beg the question, where next for gold prices?


More stimulus spending

Some gold market commentators suggest that talk of another round of emergency spending for the US economy in the form of stimulus spending will put pressure on the US dollar.

President Joe Biden has spoken this week of injecting another $US3 trillion into the US economy only weeks after Congress passed a $US1.9 trillion spending package.

“We are likely to see wider deficits. We are likely to see higher debt. We are likely to see dollar depreciation. All these will be positive for gold,” State Street Global Advisers chief gold strategist, George Milling-Stanley, told Kitco.


Growing US economy and stronger US dollar

On the flip side, some analysts argue that bond yields are likely to move even higher, perhaps to 2.5 per cent, as the US economy steadily recovers from the COVID crisis.

“With the dollar now sitting at a four-month high against a basket of its peers, the popular view of a weaker US currency is now being put to a big test,” chief market strategist at forex trader FXTM, Hussein Sayed, told Kitco.

Large spending deficits for governments are less scary to investors who see an expanding economy and inflation start to erode government debt piles.

“While higher debt levels should be considered a negative factor for a currency, investors are instead focusing on growth expectations,” said Sayed.

Working out the price direction of gold is now a complicated affair that has to include calculations on the US dollar, Treasury bond yields, physical demand and supply factors, and cryptocurrencies.

USD gold price over the past two years.


Winners & Losers

Here’s how ASX-listed gold & silver stocks are performing:

Scroll or swipe to reveal table. Click headings to sort. Best viewed on a laptop

LEXLefroy Exploration93553605221.15$ 82,806,670.23
DTRDateline Resources3333331000.004$ 34,540,312.30
SBRSabre Resources30-7-415500.0065$ 8,415,318.25
PAKPacific American Hld291323340.027$ 7,008,867.80
PURPursuit Minerals242652943010.082$ 63,259,331.58
REZResourc & En Grp Ltd23121295860.048$ 20,720,677.87
TLMTalisman Mining2210-8800.11$ 20,529,122.35
AAJAruma Resources Ltd18-8-521170.065$ 6,887,460.26
PRXProdigy Gold NL1812-22270.047$ 27,289,497.48
DLCDelecta Limited17017750.007$ 7,060,348.44
MSRManas Res Ltd171702500.007$ 19,321,915.19
WWIWest Wits Mining Ltd163115810630.093$ 110,209,456.00
KAIKairos Minerals Ltd153-535640.031$ 50,293,227.72
AARAnglo Australian1410-37210.11$ 61,845,880.32
ERMEmmerson Resources1423-9-50.08$ 39,859,079.12
DCXDiscovex Res Ltd141401000.008$ 20,549,312.61
NESNelson Resources.1323933560.135$ 19,501,804.08
SI6SI6 Metals Limited12-173611670.019$ 25,074,229.75
SLZSultan Resources Ltd113-51790.195$ 13,906,877.80
AYMAustralia United Min1101504000.01$ 18,425,774.85
ZAGZuleika Gold Ltd11-9521280.042$ 16,813,828.29
SRNSurefire Rescs NL10-23325500.027$ 29,623,331.07
NSTNorthern Star103-24-2410.32$ 11,890,382,544.18
GNMGreat Northern10-15-421200.011$ 9,987,115.64
CDTCastle Minerals93301400.012$ 9,522,510.63
BYHBryah Resources Ltd90111860.063$ 8,905,349.46
SAUSouthern Gold9-9-29-290.089$ 18,132,944.26
STNSaturn Metals8-5-43300.39$ 40,131,868.70
GMNGold Mountain Ltd820-240.042$ 31,238,021.81
LCYLegacy Iron Ore7-352006500.015$ 96,071,077.76
GMRGolden Rim Resources6-6-47700.0085$ 22,763,647.22
PNXPNX Metals Limited66-61130.0085$ 29,217,548.09
VANVango Mining Ltd661-11-130.087$ 90,931,086.49
AWJAuric Mining600.18$ 7,693,639.22
VMCVenus Metals Cor Ltd50-13380.2$ 27,949,556.36
DREDrednought Resources525-135670.02$ 42,975,101.38
HRZHorizon50-19500.105$ 56,797,520.00
TMXTerrain Minerals531-382500.0105$ 7,357,610.09
AAUAntilles Gold Ltd5-91634000.105$ 18,928,739.95
TBRTribune Res Ltd53-2745.4$ 276,506,765.79
MOHMoho Resources514-13690.091$ 9,378,246.33
EVNEvolution Mining Ltd44-24-14.34$ 7,535,221,844.85
AL8Alderan Resource Ltd4-24-413350.074$ 21,153,817.53
RGLRiversgold411-64560.05$ 19,178,025.41
ZNCZenith Minerals Ltd4493460.125$ 36,795,003.75
GULGullewa Limited4-3-18950.078$ 14,042,728.70
AQIAlicanto Min Ltd48-232970.135$ 45,768,444.54
NAENew Age Exploration4-41312500.0135$ 15,854,057.83
MKRManuka Resources.4-10-130.415$ 39,188,882.88
ENREncounter Resources30-141220.16$ 50,490,192.48
TINTnt Mines Limited3-8-172150.17$ 16,874,060.00
DEXDuke Exploration310.35$ 21,117,953.85
OKUOklo Resources Ltd33-38-30.175$ 85,685,068.04
HWKHawkstone Mng Ltd301939250.041$ 65,377,065.60
SBMSt Barbara Limited21-30-82.06$ 1,458,529,005.34
ARNAldoro Resources2-101261470.215$ 14,637,372.65
CSTCastile Resources213-351440.215$ 40,940,574.81
RRLRegis Resources31-39-233.09$ 1,571,923,132.53
CHNChalice Mining Ltd2710311494.87$ 1,594,249,096.39
KRMKingsrose Mining Ltd2-824640.046$ 33,580,338.19
KSNKingston Resources24-21610.235$ 62,383,628.12
MVLMarvel Gold Limited24-141060.05$ 24,414,914.78
BNZBenzmining2-160.76$ 23,104,089.47
MRZMont Royal Resources24-26390.265$ 9,132,989.25
G88Golden Mile Res Ltd26-211210.053$ 7,228,953.06
BBXBBX Minerals Ltd2-8-441570.27$ 115,026,127.64
AUCAusgold Limited210424400.054$ 67,618,176.13
GSNGreat Southern2-22-49620.059$ 25,936,163.94
WGXWestgold Resources.29-9312.15$ 902,811,725.10
CELChallenger Exp Ltd2-3482690.325$ 176,776,697.28
PDIPredictive Disc Ltd12449430.072$ 75,263,319.27
NWMNorwest Minerals12-29-430.085$ 9,251,415.22
MAUMagnetic Resources06361921.58$ 340,469,918.78
MRRMinrex Resources Ltd00-262830.023$ 12,676,152.27
IDAIndiana Resources0-13703700.08$ 23,550,686.56
IPTImpact Minerals0905000.024$ 42,741,274.58
SFMSanta Fe Minerals0-1325960.1$ 7,281,878.90
FFRFirefly Resources07-126660.13$ 41,490,836.55
TRMTruscott Mining Corp0-2853200.021$ 2,686,772.42
AMGAusmex Mining Gp Ltd0-234250.05$ 27,714,788.95
PUAPeak Minerals Ltd0-27-202360.024$ 14,138,161.00
ALYAlchemy Resource Ltd0-24-38330.013$ 8,739,164.89
FAUFirst Au Ltd0-6-161290.016$ 10,427,438.82
WCNWhite Cliff Min Ltd00468500.019$ 9,826,731.58
NAGNagambie Resources070820.062$ 29,995,940.76
CWXCarawine Resources0-628710.3$ 31,578,071.58
OBMOra Banda Mining Ltd02-27980.245$ 206,344,379.47
DGODGO Gold Limited013-7753.15$ 226,539,383.84
BARBarra Resources0-13-13500.021$ 14,229,770.12
GEDGolden Deeps0-15-27380.011$ 9,298,217.28
KGMKalnorth Gold Ltd0002250.013$ 11,625,120.78
LNYLaneway Res Ltd0-17-33670.005$ 18,875,329.67
MLSMetals Australia0-2001000.002$ 10,477,258.94
RVRRed River Resources0-6884000.245$ 126,854,719.92
RMLResolution Minerals00-53-460.026$ 11,014,741.43
S2RS2 Resources06-311190.175$ 53,531,500.43
SIHSihayo Gold Limited017-361900.014$ 51,596,459.78
XTCXantippe Res Ltd00-3300.002$ 12,223,693.21
NUSNusantara Resources02-5130.27$ 61,903,711.89
NCMNewcrest Mining02-21-325.06$ 20,618,052,483.50
CY5Cygnus Gold Limited0-6-84500.165$ 17,831,566.17
MDIMiddle Island Res015-32650.265$ 32,419,098.30
CTOCitigold Corp Ltd00185500.013$ 35,368,751.72
TARTaruga Minerals0-6-255570.046$ 20,574,067.77
RXLRox Resources024-251630.042$ 84,042,966.98
A1GAfrican Gold Ltd.039666450.265$ 24,130,328.66
PKOPeako Limited0-4-322350.025$ 4,993,408.60
CGNCrater Gold Min Ltd0-9621630.021$ 28,232,404.94
MTHMithril Resources0-5-511500.02$ 44,654,427.78
SPQSuperior Resources08865930.013$ 17,957,365.28
ADVArdiden Ltd06-245330.019$ 42,886,362.68
AVWAvira Resources Ltd040-186000.007$ 9,625,280.00
KCNKingsgate Consolid.-1-11-61590.855$ 194,554,308.40
BC8Black Cat Syndicate-11-101700.675$ 75,598,426.90
HXGHexagon Energy-1-1642130.097$ 38,835,131.50
CAICalidus Resources-10-261100.43$ 147,214,952.22
TAMTanami Gold NL-1-244950.082$ 94,007,763.68
AMEAlto Metals Limited-10-13210.074$ 32,418,700.92
BDCBardoc Gold Ltd-13-4480.074$ 128,409,045.82
CYLCatalyst Metals-15-19-52.02$ 194,134,052.93
MEIMeteoric Resources-2-7326750.062$ 82,831,866.96
KTAKrakatoa Resources-2-10-461000.062$ 17,294,900.00
EMREmerald Res NL-2-1361680.805$ 409,740,779.57
RMSRamelius Resources-229-22451.61$ 1,298,357,539.27
GWRGWR Group Ltd-2-12333560.26$ 78,724,475.18
MEUMarmota Limited-2-7-10720.043$ 41,646,948.67
VKAViking Mines Ltd-2-91788460.041$ 37,316,040.12
BRBBreaker Res NL-25-9370.205$ 66,797,390.45
GRLGodolphin Resources-2-115900.2$ 16,822,084.40
WRMWhite Rock Min Ltd-3-5-11920.575$ 42,894,199.47
SNGSiren Gold-3-180.36$ 21,796,086.24
OKROkapi Resources-3-8-103380.175$ 7,869,763.13
GORGold Road Res Ltd-33-18-111.21$ 1,070,269,975.17
MEGMegado-3-110.17$ 6,935,795.66
CHZChesser Resources-3-14-222560.16$ 74,388,703.13
SKYSKY Metals Ltd-3-31930.155$ 38,230,723.34
RNDRand Mining Ltd-3-3-22-91.55$ 93,230,136.25
AGGAngloGold Ashanti-31-26-135.42$ 482,614,008.65
SVLSilver Mines Limited-3-1141750.22$ 254,650,999.61
BGLBellevue Gold Ltd-320-161100.87$ 749,244,092.63
SLRSilver Lake Resource-320-3171.63$ 1,419,336,257.15
GSMGolden State Mining-30-35870.14$ 10,265,311.25
AXEArcher Materials-4-6725060.94$ 209,083,805.05
AWVAnova Metals Ltd-41402160.025$ 35,827,355.00
AQXAlice Queen Ltd-4-19-36920.025$ 27,414,089.23
TIETietto Minerals-44-221280.365$ 161,502,086.88
GBZGBM Rsources Ltd-4-21-34710.095$ 40,270,679.58
BNRBulletin Res Ltd-4002500.07$ 12,550,515.18
RMXRed Mount Min Ltd-4-12644750.0115$ 13,764,547.38
AUTAuteco Minerals-4-9-334000.09$ 144,180,462.11
MGVMusgrave Minerals-45-382720.335$ 175,963,573.17
GIBGibb River Diamonds-57762830.088$ 18,612,831.16
CBYCanterbury Resources-5-13-1950.105$ 11,186,519.70
NSMNorthstaw-5-8-140.42$ 16,800,000.00
CAZCazaly Resources-5-11-211330.042$ 14,916,343.95
BRVBig River Gold Ltd-57-152130.4$ 87,729,226.00
PNRPantoro Limited-5-12-51210.19$ 267,595,663.32
DCNDacian Gold Ltd-5012-560.37$ 288,034,167.11
CMMCapricorn Metals-53-23501.55$ 531,750,076.82
BCNBeacon Minerals-5-12470.035$ 128,771,151.01
AOPApollo Consolidated-5-4111160.345$ 101,017,206.50
TNRTorian Resources Ltd-6-121559630.051$ 40,844,567.92
DEGDe Grey Mining-624-143581.1$ 1,405,392,656.49
DTMDart Mining NL-6-3-63350.16$ 15,991,276.16
NMLNavarre Minerals Ltd-67151460.155$ 90,129,954.92
NVANova Minerals Ltd-63294340.155$ 267,191,463.52
HMXHammer Metals Ltd-6-221317180.09$ 67,507,811.28
THRThor Mining PLC-60-252750.015$ 6,329,077.72
ARLArdea Resources Ltd-6-8161510.515$ 62,558,585.18
PF1Pathfinder Resources-6-120.22$ 11,685,184.65
FMLFocus Minerals Ltd-6-15-29810.29$ 54,824,569.50
WMXWiluna Mining Corp-7-14-5001$ 118,745,654.00
YRLYandal Resources-7-5712550.42$ 39,387,058.20
ADTAdriatic Metals-7-9-21202.05$ 373,743,257.37
ANXAnax Metals Ltd-7-1117811240.068$ 22,061,585.07
BATBattery Minerals Ltd-7-16935000.027$ 51,031,838.53
CLACelsius Resource Ltd-7-22334000.04$ 33,448,287.08
SSRSSR Mining Inc.-7-3-2918.55$ 335,732,644.23
NXMNexus Minerals Ltd-7-12121300.092$ 22,461,953.73
SMISantana Minerals Ltd-7-13-38-260.13$ 14,824,242.68
WAFWest African Res Ltd-76-21780.83$ 737,136,225.63
CXUCauldron Energy Ltd-7601530.038$ 17,627,980.97
ALKAlkane Resources Ltd-7-1-49140.695$ 416,772,160.00
E2ME2 Metals-8-22332860.305$ 45,047,521.80
KAUKaiser Reef-8-28-201180.33$ 31,946,756.82
IVRInvestigator Res Ltd-8-20604710.08$ 104,591,781.95
AGCAGC Ltd-8-60.17$ 11,513,638.28
AGSAlliance Resources-8-3-161040.17$ 35,362,912.78
AZSAzure Minerals-86945670.34$ 103,208,716.54
MMLMedusa Mining Ltd-8-91460.79$ 163,180,541.29
AMIAurelia Metals Ltd-8-9-22380.36$ 456,700,814.25
STKStrickland Metals-8-19-63470.022$ 9,265,333.46
RDSRedstone Resources-8-27-271750.011$ 7,908,989.69
HCHHot Chili Ltd-9-12102680.043$ 125,809,568.62
M2RMiramar-9-110.215$ 8,867,779.20
EMUEMU NL-9-19651430.051$ 22,983,839.13
TTMTitan Minerals-9-13-261700.1$ 113,945,243.40
MZZMatador Mining Ltd-9-8-321460.295$ 51,225,661.16
LCLLos Cerros Limited-90-267530.145$ 65,941,334.62
ONXOrminexltd-9-2226-120.029$ 15,685,655.58
FFXFirefinch Ltd-9-5404300.22$ 164,242,461.60
MKGMako Gold-10-14-42170.095$ 24,180,710.59
PRUPerseus Mining Ltd-92-1881.14$ 1,398,160,831.80
DDD3D Resources Limited-109-222630.0045$ 18,101,860.46
GMLGateway Mining-10-10291250.027$ 53,301,796.80
MATMatsa Resources-10-17-39-140.079$ 21,149,443.30
TRYTroy Resources Ltd-10-13-2200.07$ 53,029,463.76
GBRGreatbould Resources-10-19-27310.035$ 9,690,302.06
KZRKalamazoo Resources-10-3-37380.435$ 56,304,816.62
EM2Eagle Mountain-11-14593450.445$ 81,551,729.29
BTRBrightstar Resources-11-183312330.04$ 18,469,532.09
MHCManhattan Corp Ltd-11-11-654330.016$ 21,220,459.09
GTRGti Resources-121054750.023$ 14,179,395.96
RDNRaiden Resources Ltd-13-16314250.021$ 26,670,669.98
OAUOra Gold Limited-13-16-16750.021$ 17,657,749.66
TSOTesoro Resources Ltd-135-385930.205$ 99,904,803.00
HAWHawthorn Resources-13-27-40-60.061$ 20,344,452.39
PRSProspech Limited-13-1300.135$ 9,102,882.46
MCTMetalicity Limited-138-434000.013$ 22,972,615.32
REDRed 5 Limited-14-9-48-300.16$ 354,593,139.52
TMZThomson Res Ltd-14-2418414190.125$ 44,099,660.41
MTCMetalstech Ltd-14002970.155$ 23,450,822.08
ARVArtemis Resources-14-10-342650.073$ 85,257,323.78
SVYStavely Minerals Ltd-14-2510790.6$ 152,662,449.42
HRNHorizon Gold Ltd-147151920.42$ 38,631,448.68
VRCVolt Resources Ltd-156422400.017$ 38,085,249.62
NPMNewpeak Metals-17-17-17250.0025$ 17,022,483.89
TSCTwenty Seven Co. Ltd-17-29-2900.005$ 10,631,604.40
PNMPacific Nickel Mines-18-1812-530.047$ 7,039,405.64
ADNAndromeda Metals Ltd-181012312800.345$ 723,843,822.05
KWRKingwest Resources-20-39-2650.11$ 15,369,385.80
ANLAmani Gold Ltd-2550-25500.0015$ 16,180,495.12
RSGResolute Mining-29-28-49-470.47$ 513,310,108.29


Small cap standouts

Based on their share prices from a year ago at the start of the worldwide COVID pandemic, some ASX gold companies have made outsized share price gains. They are as follows:



In November 2019, disappointing results from a promising drilling program at the flagship Victory Bore project sent Surefire Resources’ share price into a tailspin.

The explorer regrouped and, in August, announced the acquisition of a couple of historic WA gold projects.

In November 2020 – one year on from the flop at Victory Bore — the WA explorer announced thick, high grade gold in its first ever drill program at the newly acquired Yidby project.

Results, including 40m at 3g/t, sent the stock through the stratosphere.



Precious metals explorer Thomson is acquiring the previously producing Webbs and Conrad silver projects in NSW.

The high-grade Webbs deposit produced ~55,000t of ore grading at least 23oz (about 710 grams per tonne) silver between 1884 to 1901.

Conrad was historically one of the largest silver mines in the New England region, producing about 3.5moz of silver along with lead and tin.



New Age is preparing to roll out a drilling program for its Pilbara gold prospects in April after completing a detailed aeromagnetic survey of the area.

The exploration tenements are located 50km south of De Grey Mining’s (ASX:DEG) Hemi gold discovery near Port Hedland in WA’s Pilbara region.

Aeromagnetic data highlighted several ‘Hemi style’ intrusive gold targets at New Age Exploration’s Pilbara gold prospects, and the maiden drilling program will assess these.

“We are now moving at pace to finalise all preparations to commence the drill program,” executive director, Joshua Wellisch, said.

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