Fidelity talking to local officials about vaccine distribution

As Covid-19 vaccinations ramp up across the country, Fidelity Investments, one of the world’s largest money managers, said on Tuesday morning that it had been in contact with local agencies and governments as it figures out any potential role in distributing doses, including to its employees.

“Generally, some local governments have begun reaching out to Fidelity to explore if we might assist with the logistics of distributing the vaccines,” wrote spokesperson Michael Aalto in an email. “We are working closely with public officials in several of our regions to help shape distribution plans and explore the role Fidelity could play in helping to accelerate the availability of the vaccines for our communities.”

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has paused distribution of vaccine doses to employers and Fidelity is not providing vaccines to employees at this moment, he said. It’s not clear what attempts other financial services giants have made to get shots in the arms of employees or locals.

Based in Boston, Fidelity has 40,000 employees worldwide, with 12 regional offices and 190 investor center offices in the United States alone.

Details of any plan were vague. “We hope and expect to be able to assist with the logistics of distributing vaccines in the commonwealth, including inoculating our employees who would like to receive it to help increase the number of vaccinations in our state, in accordance with state guidelines,” Aalto added.

Fidelity “believes in the safety and efficacy of the vaccines and strongly support vaccination to help eliminate risk from Covid-19,” Aalto wrote, and also “believes that having as many associates vaccinated as possible maximizes the safety of associates, customers, vendors, visitors to our facilities and the community.”

“We support vaccination for all who are able to receive it, but we also understand that exceptions will exist for certain religious, medical or other reasons,” he wrote.

Pensions & Investments originally reported the news yesterday.

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