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Fintech’s prominent place in the advisory world was known in 2019, but among the many things made plain in 2020 was that tech is not just prominent, it is essential, and a keen grasp of technology is essential to the next stage of the market.

The sector has always been keyed in on by IN, but we have leaned further into it this year, launching our new Fintech for Advisers site, the TechSTACK$ podcast, and this issue’s special supplement, which represents our recognition of the need to bring more depth to the quality of ideas and insights you’ve come to expect from us. 

This supplement, coordinated by deputy managing editor Sean Allocca, shows just how far the scope of tech now reaches. 

Concerned about retail investors? Mark Schoeff Jr. covers Finra weighing in on the online brokerage apps on page 20. 

Wondering what the GameStop hurly-burly means for the industry? Sean Allocca explains how the GameStop lawsuits are missing the point on page 18. 

How are independents managing their tech? Nicole Casperson reports on how RIAs are leveraging turnkey asset management tech on page 18. 

And we’ve brought in insights from beyond IN too. 

Orion’s Eric Clarke explains why they are holding an in-person conference while serving those who participate remotely.  

Finally, Andreas Roell shares how technology is shaping new asset management products. 

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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