A resolution to cover the topics advisers value most

Late last year, InvestmentNews asked financial professionals to share with us their business resolutions for 2021, and many obliged us with pledges that ranged from improving client service to adding a range of new technologies in the new year.  

Most are dedicating their focus in 2021 to clients and helping them secure what they value most, either now or in the future. Overall, they’re resolved to provide more. At InvestmentNews, we’re also planning to spend the new year focused on a similar mission of delivering more. 

We resolve to increase the breadth of topics we bring to our adviser audience because we know clients are expecting and needing more right now. 

Some of that additional information will include planning strategies for those individuals advisers help through pro bono work and financial literacy efforts.  

For one, our stories, videos, podcasts and events will include suggestions for planning topics that go beyond what wealthy families need to include budgeting, taking advantage of low-income tax benefits, student loan repayment, debt strategies and more. 

Many next generation advisers have been focused for years on clients who need more ground-level planning, and they also tend to be most engaged in financial literacy efforts. We’re committed to sharing more stories about how advisers can make a difference in the lives of families beyond their own clients. 

But that’s not all.  

We’ll also share more modern thoughts on retirement income, including annuities. Not the kind that brokers convince 80-year-olds to spend their life’s savings on, but some interesting investment-only and accumulation-focused products, buffered annuities and other protected outcome solutions. 

Provisions in the SECURE Act will ultimately lead to more 401(k) plans using annuities as part of the default investment option, and advisers will need to understand the varieties.  

Bitcoin is another subject we expect to cover more, and not just its volatile price. We’ll write about how firms such as Fidelity are dipping their toes into the waters with this new asset class. Advisers need to know about topics like Bitcoin and other digital currencies as investments and as payment tools because clients will be asking about them — maybe even wanting to pay with them one day. 

We’ll also be pumping even more ESG news onto the pages of InvestmentNews.com, as client interest in socially responsible investing continues to grow and questions to advisers will likely increase. Want even more? Check out our sister site at ESGClarityUS.com.  

InvestmentNews aims to arm advisers with enough knowledge on important topics to answer client questions like what ESG investing is — and isn’t — and to decide whether they want to serve up such options within portfolios. If not, advisers would be smart to have some outside solutions or professionals to recommend to clients — as most socially minded individuals aren’t going give up their desires to link their values and their fortunes.  

The pandemic has pushed to the forefront the issue of sustainability for investors, businesses and governments, while also boosting the need for compassionate advisers to spread financial literacy to Americans who need it more than ever. 

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